IPAM For Microsoft®  DNS & DHCP Services

DNS, DHCP and IPAM Data Consistency, Integrity and Uniqueness Control

SOLIDserver™ IP Address Management solution (IPAM) integrates seamlessly with Microsoft® DNS and DHCP servers enabling unified, automated and policy-driven management for higher security, reliability and scalability of the network infrastructure.

A high level of automation capacity increases process administration efficiencies, allowing organizations to simplify the delegation of administrative tasks while providing more advanced IPAM features. EfficientIP’s IP Address Management solution for Microsoft delivers a complementary technology with a high value-added suite of features, not made available by Microsoft.

Agentless IPAM Solution For Microsoft® Network Services

SOLIDserver ensures dynamic and integrated management of IPAM with DNS and DHCP services in a single process, ensuring the highest level of quality and efficiency. Based on an intuitive and efficient web-based interface, it allows you to streamline resource qualifications and consumption, while maintaining full control of data consistency across the complete IP addressing plans, VLAN organizations and DNS-DHCP architectures.

Microsoft® Disaster Recovery Process

SOLIDserver enables simple, fast and secure disaster recovery processes. It stores all required information for multi-vendor DNS and DHCP services recovery in its embedded database.

For example, in case of a Microsoft DHCP server crash, SOLIDserver can push the complete configuration of the crashed server onto a new server, with the exact configuration it had just before the crash. In a short period of time the DHCP service will be up and running without painful administration tasks. All risks of conflicting IP address allocation are eliminated.