DNS Blast

DNS Blast


Purpose-Built Protection Against 
DDoS Attacks

Mitigate Risk Before DDoS Attacks Take Down Your Business

While most organizations are aware of DDoS attack security risks, a majority of them are still using traditional network security solutions such as firewalls, which are not designed for the DNS protocol. According to a recent security survey conducted by EfficientIP, almost 22% of respondents were subject to DDoS attacks, with severe damages ranging from application downtime to a compromised website. The business impact was vast, with 50% of respondents claiming losses between $100K to $500K, and 15% claiming losses above $1M.

Don’t become a statistic. With DNS Blast, you can confidently provide the caching DNS service and layers of protection that your business deserves. It can eliminate dozens of DNS clusters and load balancers, dramatically decreasing the total cost of ownership, simplifying your DNS infrastructure, and increasing your level of security.

        Unique Technological Innovations To Secure Your Infrastructure

  • Ensures business continuity and protection of sensitive, classified data Drastically reduces infrastructure costs and complexity by suppressing useless layers of security product and slow performing DNS servers Improves user experience with ultra low latency.