Secure Email Gateway

Secure Email Gateway


WatchGuard Secure Email Gateway (XCS) delivers the industry's most effective defense-in-depth for email and web, including powerful data loss prevention. These easy-to-use, all-in-one solutions provide protection from email and web-based threats including spam, viruses, compromised websites, blended threats, and network attacks. They are engineered to meet the unique security requirements of the most demanding enterprise messaging networks.

Security Appliances


WatchGuard XCS 280

For small businesses

WatchGuard XCS 580

For medium-sized businesses


WatchGuard XCS 770R

For medium-sized businesses


WatchGuard XCS 880

For large enterprises




WatchGuard XCS 1180

For large enterprises & ISPs, including Global 2000 and Fortune 500 enterprises

WatchGuard XCSv

Email security, web security, and data loss prevention capabilities




WatchGuard ReputationAuthority

A powerful line of defense against unwanted and malicious inbound traffic


WatchGuard XCS Quarantine Management Server (QMS)

For physical and virtualized environments