Silent Phone

Silent Phone

Silent Circle’s software application offers end-to-end encryption for secure communication
wherever you go. Silent Phone offers encrypted calls, texts, and file transfer on any iOS or
Android device.


Silent Phone
VOIP Calling End-to-End encrypted VOIP calling with any Android or iOS smartphone. No new hardware or SIM cards needed Crystal clear HD quality HD quality calls offered over mobile data network or Wi-Fi Conference Calls:

• Secure calls with up to six Silent Phone users, with all users clearly identified
• Private one-to-one video calls
• Short authentication strings safeguard against Man-in-The-Middle attacks

Silent World
• Silent World calling extends the reach of Silent Phone to make or receive calls from standard mobile or landlines
• Silent World calls are routed through Silent Circle’s secure servers before reaching the public switched telephone network.
• The leg of the call between your device and our servers will be encrypted, keeping you safe from localeavesdropping threats.
• Connect privately to mobile and landline phones in more than 80 countries with no roaming charges.